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                                               Our Story

In 1909, Rocco (Papi) Transparenti arrived to the United States with two
dollars in his pocket and a sausage recipe from Italy to pursue the American dream. He worked as a skilled mason during the day and at night, he made sausage for his friends at work.  And thus, Little Italy Sausage Company was born. He made enough money to send for his soon-to-be wife, Cora Maltesta.  When she arrived, she made pizzelles to give with every sausage order taken.  Together they raised seven children and settled in a house across from
St Leo’s, Little Italy in Baltimore. The oldest of their children was my
grandmother, Antoinette Transparenti who later married Salvatore Cosentino.
 Together they had two children who took over making sausage for the family, along with other Italian recipes. Although my mother married a non-Italian, my grandfather made sure the Italian tradition continued to be passed down to the next generation.
My oldest sister is “the heart” of the family. My other sister makes the raviolis.  My brother makes the wine.  My daughter makes the pizzelles and I, Joseph Salvatore, make the sausage. Our sausage recipe has been in our family for four generations. We always use the finest ingredients, select ground pork,
 imported aged cheese, and premium spices which continue to make the fine sausage that it is today. How sweet it is! To quote my grandfather’s favorite saying, “EATY, EATY, EATY!”